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9:46pm 01-09-2018
David Haulman
Former AMT. Great web page. Noticed a lot of old friends and names I haven't thought about in years..
6:55pm 12-10-2017
Bob Pleak
Was a 203 on Combat Apple, 1970. Thanks for keeping us flying!
5:47pm 03-13-2017
John E Threadgill
I just enjoy looking at the patches and thinking of the ole days flying with my Jet(60-0339) from Kadena all over the far east. I crewed two other planes and a bomber (1025) out of Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan. Great times and great people. Time just goes fast when you are having the fun of a life time.
11:36am 05-10-2016
John Brown
Hey for you guys that visit the guest book..... keep in mind there is also a Facebook group. You can find some helpful information there that is of interest to all of us. Pay us a visit and join the group. It can be found as the Airborne Maintenance....... there is a lot more to the name but that will get you started.
9:19pm 10-02-2015
Johnnie Estes
Thanks to everyone for a wonderful time in San Antonio last week. Mike did a great job and so did Bob, Whitey and John Brown. I believe everything went very smoothly. If you were not there you missed another good one.
7:49pm 07-07-2015
Dolores Greene
Really getting excited about seeing everyone at the AMTA reunion in Sept..... Always good to see all of you. Taylor and I plan to attend...... Hope we get lots of attendees.....
8:48am 07-03-2015
Johnnie Estes
I appreciate everyone giving the new guestbook a try as I was definitely not sure of how it would work out. Thanks and hope to see everyone in San Antonio in September. It should be a great reunion with the FTVA, PWG and the AMTA all there together at the same time.
10:31am 05-15-2015
Gordon Carraway
I want to say hi to everyone. Sorry I won't be able to make the
reunion. I'm in good health and hope everyone else is also.
If you're in the Lynchburg, Va. area Faye and I are in the phonebook please look us up. Now if they ever make a cell phone
with a dial on it instead of all those buttons then mabe I'll get
one. Take care....Gordon
12:18pm 05-11-2015
Albert (Herb Francis
Looks good to me....
8:40am 05-11-2015
Donald Utt
I see a lot of names I know on here! Does the crew still leave an ear of corn on the ramp to guess where the nose wheel stops when the hog nose lands?
8:57am 05-10-2015
Steve Bland
Looks good!
7:38am 05-10-2015
Whitey Gross
looks good to me. Not bad for having one arm tied behind your back Johnnie. :-)
7:20pm 05-09-2015
Mike Gareri
I understand the Prop Wash Gang has their reunion the same weekend in SA. Has anyone heard this?
5:28pm 05-09-2015
Leigh Sinnamon
Looks good!!
1:35pm 05-09-2015
Dan Greer
I'm no expert, looks like it works. Dan
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